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  • Let's get your tax returns done.
  • Remove the headache from you.
  • Dedicated tax expert, 1 business day response commitment and more.
  • Corporation returns start from $979.

*40% discount applies to financials creation service, if requested. Valid until Jan 31st 2024, for the first time clients.


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Bookkeeping, Tax, HR & Payroll, CFO Advisory Services

For "Non-US" and "US" Online Business Owners

SAAS/PAAS, E-Commerce, Content Creators, Developers 


Get the privilege of a professional online bookkeeper at a price you can afford, and powerful bookkeeping, reporting software Xero with no learning curve. Plus unlimited online bookkeeping support and more.



HR & Payroll


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   - Bookkeeping Service -

All you need to get started,

Monthly tax ready financial reports with Xero, bank recons, unlimited online support and much more...

Plus... Your Peace of Mind.

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We get you set up

First, you talk to your dedicated bookkeeper, s/he gets to know your business, set-up or migrate you to Xero and shows you how easily it works. Xero subscription included.

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We keep your books

Each month, your bookkeeper imports your business transactions and gets them categorized, booked. If they need anything from you, or you have any questions, we’ll get in touch.

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We deliver your reports

You can track your business health with comparative financial reports. At quarterly or annual tax time, we send everything you need. Any questions? Just drop us an in-app note.

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Affordable, Flexible, Risk Free Pricing

  1. Affordable, based on your business requirements.
  2. Flexible with add-on services: cash or accrual basis, document management and more.
  3. Risky free monthly payments with no commitments, cancel anytime.
Add Tax, HR & Payroll and CFO Advisory services,
Complete one-stop-shop, all-in-one packages.

   - Tax Return Service -

Ditch the Tax Season Stress,

Annual (and Quarterly) Federal Income, State and Franchise tax returns. 1099's and much more...

Let's make the tax and compliance easy.

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We get to know you

First, you connect with your dedicated tax preparer, s/he gets to know your business, check the financials, identify key issues and questions to discuss with you.

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We prepare your tax returns

We or our 3rd party partners prepare your federal income tax return, state return (if required), other forms such as form 5472 for non-US share holders, and more.

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You review, We file

You have the final say. You will receive all your tax returns, you can review them and if any changes are required, we update. Then, they are all filed. That is it.

Tax Returns, Planning and Advisory

Need tax returns or compliance advice? We got you covered.

  • Let's file your tax returns. Fees start from $979 for Corporations - BUY TAX RETURN SERVICEĀ  ONLINE
  • Cash vs. accrual basis taxes? Let's find the bestĀ optionĀ for your optimized taxes.
  • Quarterly or annual tax planning to optimize for taxes.
  • Sales tax, nexus questions covered with our partners.
  • Non-US operations in your local country, subsidiaries, non-US contractors.
  • How to pay yourself... and more.

You may not know what you don't know, but we probably do.

OurĀ "Advisory Service" will address your concerns, get you compliant.

      - HR & Payroll Service -

Remove the payroll headache,

With Gusto payroll, we not only manage your payroll taxes, filing but also employee on-boarding, state registrations, insurance checks  and much more...

Compliant and caring employer, happy employees.

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We get you set up

First, you connect with your dedicated people advisor, s/he gets to know your team, check the state and compliance requirements, identify key steps.

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We onboard new employees

We then start the compliance and employee on-boarding process with Gusto online platform, complete the state employer registrations.

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Run payroll and filings

Payroll is a complex process. Every month, you (or automatically) run payroll, we manage all the reporting and filings with Gusto - federal & state taxes, W2's and 1009's.

Xero and Gusto Partner Advisor Tukel, Inc. Accounting

    - CFO/Advisory Service -

You may not know what you don't know,

And we probably do.

Running and growing a business is already difficult... Let us support you as your trusted advisor.

Investors, cash management, systems, tax planing, compliance...

Let us support your growth.

  • How to pay yourself as the owner/s... and the rest of your team.
  • The ways to structure your cap table for investors, stock options.
  • Tax planning
  • Collections, subscription management, and payment systems.
  • Crowdfunding, dropshipping and inventory management.
  • Forecasts, budgeting, cash flow management... and more.

You may not know what you don't know, but we probably do.

Our "Advisory Service" will support your growth with peace of mind.

What other benefits you get?

Remove the Tax season stress, we got you covered.

For your quarterly or annual tax filing, we get your financials ready. You don't need to stress.

  • Filing on your own or working with a CPA? Either way, we’ve got you covered. We send tax time financials, so you can file fast. We’ll even work directly with your CPA with an add-on service fee.
  • Need an all-in-one solution? We can provide tax advice, also prepare and file your tax returns.
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One-on-one support when you need it.

Get unlimited support by sending your expert bookkeeper an in-app message.

  • We’ll get back to you in one business day.
  • Tax filing time? If it is not us preparing it, then you are doing it yourself or your tax firm. We will send you or your accountant all your tax ready financials. If you need it, we connect and work with your accountant for their questions with an add-on fee.
  • Got stuck on how to invoice a client in Xero or file an expense? Ask your bookkeeper and s/he will show you how.
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Easy document & expense management with Dext.

Tired of your invoices, receipts, and bills scattered around emails and folders, manually entering your business expenses and tiny receipts. Just take a photo with Dext app (with the document management add-on) and we will manage the rest.

  • You don't need to file your receipts, expense documents and then deal with a big clutter at the end of the month.
  • Just take a photo of your receipt with your Dext app in your phone on the go, or email to your dedicated inbox and we will manage the rest.
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Financial reports to help you grow your business.

Your Xero dashboard lets you track every transaction, account, and trend in one place.

  • Your income statement, balance sheet, cash flow reports provide the data you need to grow your business. 
  • See your transactions categorized (services, customers, expenses) and make informed decisions (included in the virtual CFO plan)
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Why our clients choose us?

Because... We are experts in US Incorporated online small businesses.

And, specialized in working with non-US owners.

We know your challenges, we speak your language whether your are a US or non-US owner.

Online Content Marketers

SAAS/PAAS,Ā E-Commerce

Developers, Creators, Sellers
Online educators, course creators

Service & Content Providers

Agencies,Ā Creators, Bloggers, Trainers
Consultants & Coaches

Software & App Developers

App Store, G-Play sellers

Hear it from our clients...

Tukelinc.com client testimonial - Meredith Noble

Meredith Noble

Seneca Works, LLC (Founder & CEO)

In 30 days, Cenk and his team at Tukel Inc, completely turned around my business. A common story among new entrepreneurs, I had messed up my first years of taxes and books. Tukel got everything straightened out, and can genuinely say I have peace of mind now with my business financials.

Tukelinc.com client testimonial - Meredith Noble

Alex Circei

WayDev, Inc. - a YC Company (Founder & CEO)

Working with Cenk and the Tukel team fixed all my financial issues without any headaches from my part, they are very professional and responsive. Cenk has enormous experience and helped me to understand how the IRS works and how to avoid any penalties, aside from this his business knowledge is incredible.

Tukelinc.com client testimonial - Meredith Noble

Serra Demir

Bed & Game, Inc. (Co-Founder & CEO)

We needed an all-in-one solution for our financial needs, did not want to work with different firms for different matters... Tukel, Inc. team gave us far more than that. They take care of everything, including our strategic and operational business decisions as well. I recommend them to any business.

Accounting, tax and CFO services require

Professional qualification and certification.

Tukelinc.com Xero and Gusto Certified Accountants
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You focus on growing your business,

We keep your financials in order.

Leave bookkeeping to experts.


We integrate Xero with the world's best

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... and many more.